Welcome to A R P A N & Associates LLP (formerly known A. Yadav & Associates LLP)-PMC Division, where precision and compliance converge in our technical auditing and plant-machinery asset revaluation services for the energy sector. Our expertise is in delivering detailed and accurate assessments in line with the highest industry standards.

Technical Auditing

Our technical auditing service is meticulously designed to align with your operational needs while strictly adhering to global standards. We delve deep into your plant and machinery operations, focusing on efficiency, compliance, and safety. By aligning our audits with GAAP, AFRS, IPSAS, and IAS standards, we ensure that every evaluation we conduct meets the stringent requirements of financial and regulatory frameworks, providing you with insights that are both comprehensive and compliant.

Asset Revaluation

In the dynamic world of the energy sector, keeping your asset valuation up-to-date is crucial. Our revaluation service goes beyond standard assessments, incorporating the latest market trends and technological advancements. We evaluate your plant and machinery assets based on current market values, ensuring alignment with GAAP, AFRS, IPSAS, and IAS standards. This approach not only guarantees accuracy but also provides a realistic and market-relevant valuation, essential for financial reporting, insurance, and strategic decision-making.

At , A R P A N & Associates LLP (formerly known A. Yadav & Associates LLP), our commitment is to offer services that are not just thorough but also tailored to the unique dynamics of the energy sector. Trust us to provide you with auditing and revaluation services that are detailed, compliant, and strategically beneficial to your organization.”

Understanding the true value of your assets is critical to your business success. Our comprehensive valuation services provide you with an accurate, in-depth analysis of your company’s worth. Whether you are considering selling your business, seeking investment, or exploring new growth strategies, our valuation experts are here to assist you.

Our Expertise

  • Business Valuation: We employ robust methodologies to determine your business’s market value, considering all factors such as current market conditions, financial performance, and growth potential.
  • Financial Reporting: Our valuations support your financial reporting requirements, helping you maintain compliance with accounting standards for transactions such as business combinations, asset acquisitions, and goodwill impairment testing.
  • Fair Value Assessments for Financial Reporting: We offer fair value measurements that comply with GAAP and IFRS for purchase price allocation, impairment testing, and asset disposal.
  • Cost Segregation Studies: Maximize your tax savings with our cost segregation services that help accelerate depreciation deductions by correctly classifying assets.
  • Insurance Valuation: Protect your assets against loss or damage with our insurance valuation, providing a detailed assessment for adequate insurance coverage.
  • Asset Revaluation for Balance Sheet Adjustment: We perform asset revaluations to ensure that your balance sheet reflects the current value of your PPE, giving stakeholders a transparent view of your company’s physical net worth.
  • Asset Appraisals for Collateral Purposes: Our appraisals provide a solid basis for securing loans or refinancing, by accurately valuing the PPE that serves as collateral.
  • Disposal and Salvage Value Estimation: We can estimate the salvage or disposal value of PPE, aiding in strategic decision-making for asset retirement or replacement.
  • CapEx Planning and Budgeting: Support your capital expenditure strategies with our valuation insights, ensuring you allocate resources to the highest-yielding investments.
  • Taxation: We provide valuation services that are critical for tax planning and compliance, ensuring that you meet regulatory requirements while optimizing your tax position.
  • Litigation Support: In the event of litigation or disputes, our valuation professionals deliver clear, well-substantiated valuations to assist in legal proceedings.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: We offer strategic advice and valuation assessments for M&A activities, helping you understand the value drivers and risks to make informed decisions.
  • Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property: Our team specializes in valuing intangible assets, from trademarks and patents to customer relationships and proprietary technology.
  • Real Estate and Fixed Assets: We assess the value of real estate and fixed assets, providing insights for investment, divestment, and financing strategies.

Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, combining industry expertise, technical skill, and a deep understanding of valuation principles to deliver clear and actionable insights.

Partner with us for Valuation Services that are thorough, reliable, and geared towards your strategic goals.