Joint Venture Consultancy

A Joint Venture is a strategic alliance where two or more parties form a partnership to share markets / intellectual property and its knowledge and off course profits. Joint Venture Companies are the most preferred module of corporate entities for doing business in India to achieve specific objectives of a partnership like temporary arrangement between two or more firms. Companies who wish to penetrate markets normally would require to invest tremendous amount of resources in case of cross border joint ventures, JVs are advantageous as a risk reducing mechanism in new-market penetration, and in pooling of resource for large projects. The Companies incorporated in India, even up to 100% foreign equity, are at par at domestic companies. A Joint Venture may be any of the business modules available. There are no separate laws for joint ventures in India. They, however, present unique problems in equity ownership, operational control, and distribution of profits (or losses).



Foreign companies can have the following advantages:-

  • Entering the target market in quick time as the geographical area would remain beyond reach without local partners.
  • Local business partners could provide vertical and horizontal market penetration.
  • Availability of human resources in marketing / R&D/ Production and Operations.
  • Availability of legal resources with the local partner to structure the joint venture and ensure all compliances.
  • Accessibility of distribution channel.
  • Exchange of technology
  • To globalize product and so on.
  • Reduction in overall costs/ economies of scale.
  • Spreading of risks mainly on large scale investments.

All of these goals can be easily achieved resulting in percentage of increased profits and successfully tapping the Indian market.

What A R P A N & Associates LLP Offers

We at Rajput Jain & Associates help in the planning of joint venture proposals for different business entities through the Joint Venture Services that we provide. Those interested in a Joint venture business are usually looking forward to have a complete merging of the entities without any hassles. We deal with many such organizations in the Private sector and work closely with the companies involved, to arrange the finalization of all the documentation and drafting required for the union. Our team of highly experienced personnel works as per the company laws while offering expert consultation on the whole process. While working for such organizations, we consider ourselves as their extension to understand them better.


  • Preparation of complete documentation
  • Team of experts
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Smooth merging of two or more entities
  • Conduct a thorough partner search evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand and establish synergy between the partners.
  • Walking through negotiations
  • Conducting the valuation of the company
  • Structure the proposed entity through all statutory and legal compliances.