A R P A N & Associates LLP Consultants has an extensive knowledge in the Renewable Energy Audit sector. We strive to work in the renewable energy sector and assist our clients in their endeavour to go green. Our services in the renewable energy sectors are aimed at providing 360-degree services from one focal point, to make project implementation seamlessly easy.

Areas of Expertise

Solar Power Projects: Specialized in planning and executing solar energy projects, including large-scale solar farms.

Roof Top Solar Projects: Expertise in rooftop solar installations for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Renewable Energy Audit

Floating Solar Projects: Proficient in developing floating solar power systems, leveraging bodies of water for solar energy generation.

Wind Power Projects: Involvement in the development and management of wind energy projects.

Biomass Based Power Projects: Experience in biomass energy projects, utilizing organic materials for power generation.

What We Will Do?

  • Project Planning: Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR), Feasibility Reports, and Assessment Studies.
  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC): Offering end-to-end management services for renewable energy projects.
  • Design & Engineering Support: Assisting in the design, engineering, installation, and commissioning phases of projects.
  • Testing & Verification: Conducting Performance Testing Reports, DPR Verification, and Estimated Yield Assessments (EYA).
  • Tender Process Management: Preparing tender documents, carrying out tender evaluation, and aiding in technology provider selection.
  • Contractual Assistance: Drafting and finalizing various contractual documents and agreements essential for project execution.
  • Design Compliance: Verifying that project designs and drawings align with project requirements.
  • Capacity Building: Fostering skills for successful project management and operation.
  • Commissioning Support: Assisting in the commissioning process to ensure operational readiness.
  • Financial & Regulatory Assistance: Aiding in availing Central/State Capital Financial Assistance (CFA), Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), and tax exemption claims.
  • Statutory Clearances: Assisting in obtaining necessary clearances from government departments and agencies.

Quality Assurance & Timely Execution: Monitoring and supervising project execution to ensure adherence to quality standards and time frames.

Commitment to Sustainability

At A R P A N & Associates LLP Consultants, we are dedicated to promoting Renewable Energy Audit as a means to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Our expertise lies in integrating cutting-edge technology with practical solutions to meet the unique needs of each project, contributing significantly to the green energy transition.