VAT - Entry Tax Service

We are leading and well recognized names in the field of offering service support for Entry Tax Consultancy services. Entry tax is levied on products which transfer or enter from-one state to another or one District to another district through sale and as such the product is not restructured. There are two types of entry taxes available –

  • Entry on Motor Vehicles—Motor where vehicles purchased in other state entering a different State are required to pay levied entry tax and are applicable for vehicles liable to be registered under Motor Vehicles Act
  • Entry Tax on goods

We offer following service like residential, local & commercial property tax for our service tax clients This includes:

  • Stamp Duty that is imposed on execution of specified instruments and is levied & governed by Indian Stamp Act, 1899 or State Stamp Acts
  • Research and Development Cess that is a special levy on payment made for purchase of technology from abroad and includes payments for technicians, royalty payments, lump sum payments and payments for design and drawings
  • Local Property Taxes where property tax is payable as per local municipal laws on both commercial & residential properties
  • Also include following
    • Registration
    • Record to be maintained and invoice.
    • Tax payment
    • Classification of goods/services
    • Adjustment of excess tax paid
    • Credit of service tax paid
    • Interest and penalty
    • Notice and visit by departmental officer
    • Assessment
    • Revision and appeal.
    • Refund of tax

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